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Samba De La Muerte


Shot in a hangar at Dirigeables d'Ecausseville, this Take Away Show presents Samba De La Muerte, an electronic band from Caen, France. This episode is a one take that progressively takes us higher and higher until we can see the real scale of the hangar. A blimp patrols the area, while the band plays a live performance of “Home.”

one 2 one.

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Between each show of the festival, we were kidnapping a person in the audience, which we were taking to a secret room where an artist was waiting.

Between the two of them, a unique experience :
a One To One concert.

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Bon Iver

Justin Vernon and Cantus Domus come together to play a live edition of “Heavenly Father” from the soundtrack of Zach Braff’s film Wish I Was Here. Justin Vernon, the singer of Bon Iver, leads the song with the support Cantus Comus’ choral beats. The exclusive show is for one fan, Abby, who can barely make out “that was amazing” at the end of their performance.