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take away shows — By La Blogothèque
Directed by
Nick Helderman
Sound Direction by
Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet
In Paris

Silvana Estrada

Watch our Take Away Show with Mexican artist Silvana Estrada!

After a few days, of preparing for this shoot, we met @Silvana Estrada in a small park in the 18th arrondissement, rehearsing with an accordionist that she just met a couple of minutes before. She wanted to add this special energy to her song. This Parisian stereotype but yet contrasted with her Latin American folk.

It was 40°C in Paris and, as you may know, we are not used to this type of heat. So we decided to walk around Montmartre to find a nice place under the shades. Silvana was wearing this long and beautiful red dress dancing on her at every movement. We finally found this perfect passage to make her voice resonate among Parisian buildings and trees.

We knew Montmartre could be a little bit touristic at this time of the year. But all the people we crossed were peacefully watching Silvana singing, mesmerized by the charm of her warm voice and the notes of her guitar.