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Stéphane Garin, Thomas Bonvalet et Jean-Brice Godet

In New York City, winter 1949, strange percussive sounds are first heard emanating from a porch along the Avenue of the Americas or from number 2 West 46th Street. 

Later, at 425 West 57th Street, these unusual rhythms from improbable instruments accompany the sirens of boats moored to a foggy Hudson. At other times, they pause for a few conversations held at the corner of 53rd Street and 6th Avenue between onlookers and the author of these rhythms: Moondog. For nearly twenty-five years, the man who was nicknamed "the Viking of 6th Avenue" - because of his attachment to Manhattan and his extravagant look - accompanied the daily life of New Yorkers by playing his music on his own percussion instruments on the asphalt. Today, musicians Stéphane Garin, Jean-Brice Godet and Thomas Bonvalet intend to pay tribute to the street music imagined by this early heavenly tramp. With the help of a singular instrumentarium conceived for the occasion, they find themselves, for the duration of an urban performance, in the shoes of this forgotten genius.