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Vincent Moon

Canzone Della Vela

Ars Nova Napoli

Today we find in a new Take Away Show the six musicians of Ars Nova Napoli. A band that cultivates the taste and variety of music from Southern Italy. They gives us a wonderful glimpse of their talents in this new film shot by Vincent Moon on the rooftops of Naples. 

Gaspar Claus & Casper Clausen

Open Lab Session #1


The Open Labo Sessions are an original idea of ​​Bénédicte Schmitt, sound engineer and producer. These sessions are intended to be fun and creative between the walls of the legendary Labomatic Studios without the codes and rules of use. Each Open Session is placed in an artistic reflection, it can also be multidisciplinary and take place in the 120 m2 and 3 spaces of the Labomatic.