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Gaspar Claus & Casper Clausen

The Open Labo Sessions are an original idea of ​​Bénédicte Schmitt, sound engineer and producer. These sessions are intended to be fun and creative between the walls of the legendary Labomatic Studios without the codes and rules of use. Each Open Session is placed in an artistic reflection, it can also be multidisciplinary and take place in the 120 m2 and 3 spaces of the Labomatic.

This studio presents more than 70 years of technology, Safe values, esoteric, vintage and ultra geek, an extraordinary backline, more than 40 guitars, a piano, a Fender Rhodes, an OP1, a CR 78, a Maxi Korg, a String Ensemble Melody, a multitude of microphones, tube preamp, piano ...

Creativity, freedom, exchange are the driving forces behind these Open Sessions. Meetings, discoveries of parallel universes between artists from all continents. Desecration of technology, long live DIY, with talent, intelligence and madness (well, not too much anyway) highlight the freedom and creativity that technology offers today. »

« I met Gaspar and Vincent during a recording session with my bag pack studio at Saint Eustache Church. But it was by finishing the mixing of a concert by Casper and Gaspar that I offered them to do an Open Labo Session together.

At the beginning of March Casper had a concert in Paris with his group, the stars were aligned, he immediately agreed. Gaspar extended the invitation to Vincent, he said yes, we were like crazy, the little planets with us. Meet on March 1 at 6:30 p.m. at Labomatic Studios.

D-day is approaching, Casper arrives in Paris at the end of the morning, he has invited Øyunn, Indre, Bert and Rasmus.

Vincent asked me if he could invite friends, yeah right, go for it. We're going to improvise, using all the space in the studio. Igor joins us at 3 p.m., the idea is simple: we install the set up for a crazy session, drums, bass, guitar, piano, the special Gaspar kit and the microphone for Casper. Everything must be possible, play without headsets, leave the doors open, print the mix on the analog tape recorder, Dominique is ours tape op.

Gaspar arrives first, settles in the middle of the room, then arrive Vincent, Priscilla, Julien, Rana, Amandine, Anna and Jeremie. Casper joins us, he has his instrument, a walkman! But he doesn't know if the others will do it; it's their day off. Regardless, we start to realize the first session, Casper's voice entwined by Gaspar's cello.

That's good, we have a cable long enough to start at the back of the studio. At the end of this fabulous take, the control is full, everyone has arrived, we all have stars in our eyes and big smiles on our faces, they will never leave us. Everyone appropriates an instrument, Rana has room to dance. The cosmic labomatic family is in place, we hold our breath, silence … let’s go! Vincent did the claps sync at the end, the magic was there, a dream of freedom and love.

It’s belong to you now. »