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Stay Away Shows

After more than 3 months and 103 artists from 12 countries gathering more than 1 million views, the Stay Away Shows are now coming to an end. 

It all started with a play on words. In the middle of March, like many people on earth, the Blogotheque team prepared for the lockdown. Sad to leave the office, our friends and colleagues for God knows how long, we decided to reach out to our musician friends across the world, come together and give our community a little moment out of time, out of the flood of negative news because that's what we were trying to do with those home made videos, those beautiful moments filmed with what we had, the Take Away Shows. But we didn't know at the time that there would be so many.

From Brazil to Turkey, from the US to Australia, from France to Japan and from Canada to the UK, more than a hundred of musicians answered positively to this call. To sing their music in front of their phone, to draw their poster to announce their show, to cover a song that meant something for them in this weird period of time. They were dancing, laughing, exchanging with our community and all of our fears, all of our anxieties just went away for half an hour. Everyday.

« It doesn't feel like talking to an audience or talking to people, it doesn't feel like talking to no-one. It's a completely third state of being. It's this surreal close away. But I do feel less isolated. »

Dan Deacon said those words at the end of his livestream and we think that was the point of these Stay Away Shows. We were all isolated and this moment became a rendezvous to get together, exchange, decompress, discover new music. We made a lot of new friends on the way and our community grew far beyond our expectations.

We would like to thank them. Thank those artists but also their management, their team and their label, thank our dear friend Thomas Baas for this illustration. Thank our community for being here with us in those tough moments thank the newcomers who discovered our work through those little shows. We hope that you all enjoyed this weird and beautiful adventure as much as we did.