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music videos — By La Blogothèque
Directed by
Xavier Reim
Sound Direction by
Henri D'Armancourt
In Paris


Watch our last music video for the first release of Fary.

"At our first meeting, Fary immediately expressed his confidence in us to make the film featuring his new track 'Demande'. He came to us because of our sensitivity, both in image and sound treatment. His only wish? A clear, outdoor setting. When the idea of a sand pit was proposed to him, he immediately thought of it and didn't want to hear any other proposal for a location.

It has to be said that this area of sand and rock is the perfect playground to symbolically tell the story of Fary, first as a comedian and now as a singer. In the purity of this place, our eyes are focused on him, without artifice. He rises from a stand-up stool to face a microphone, accompanied by three guitarists (one of them playing the Cavaquinho, an instrument strongly present in Cape Verdean music). On the track, the poetry of Mayra Andrade's voice comes to life through a tape recorder, representing a memory, an introspection.

All these ideas are the result of a close collaboration with the artist, who is eager to exchange ideas and who, through his experience in television and cinema, understands perfectly the language of the camera." - Xavier Reim