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take away shows

A live session with an artist or a band, invited to play on the street, in a bar, a garden, an apartment with the unexpected, doubts and extraordinary.

With My Eyes

Tariq Al-Sabir

If you don't know WQXR already, they are a New York City’s sole classical music radio station, presenting new and landmark classical recordings as well as live concerts from prestigious NYC venues. It was therefore obvious to create a series of Take Away Shows with them, directed by our long term friend Derrick Belcham, to expand our horizons to another world that we were just touching. The result is a rich musical experience through different instruments, voices and talents. Four videos and four experiences to take you away with passion and emotion.

Bill Ryder-Jones & Marcus Mumford


By La Blogothèque — Paris

It was in 2016, Bill Ryder-Jones was doing Mumford and Sons’opening. 

Marcus decided to do a Take Away Show with the ex-Coral. They went with one of Bill’s song, ‘Seabirds’, both playing the guitar.