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take away shows

A live session with an artist or a band, invited to play on the street, in a bar, a garden, an apartment with the unexpected, doubts and extraordinary.

El Camino

La Chica

Last week, we were welcomed by Les Arcs Film Festival to filmed some Take Away Shows in unique and special places. Here is the first one : La Chica discovering and warming-up an igloo with a few keyboard notes and the sound of her voice. 

Hubert Lenoir

Sucre et Sel

By La Blogothèque — Saint-aubin-sur-mer

The staccato and spontaneity of Hubert Lenoir’s voice is matched by the harmony of his band in his rendition of “Sucre et Sel.” With the constant beat of the bass, we experience an organic exchange between jazz solos and the Quebec native’s lyrics. This Take Away Show was filmed on the beach side during the 2019 Pete The Monkey Festival.